One of the most frustrating things today with televisions, VCR’s, DVD players and cable television is that they all have separate remote controls. One person in the home may be watching Netflix on an Apple TV, for instance.

Automation and Integration

Home automation is an energy saving design solution to unifying and controlling your home appliances and devices. Most people, when you mention saving energy today, think about the electric bill and the environment. Having all of your electronic systems connected together not only saves you on your electric bill, but conserves, your own energy for…

Projector and Projectors Screen

When it comes to installation of projector screens and projectors Pravda Inc. is very experienced at everything that you need to satisfy even the most meticulous of customers. Whether you are located in a home or an office, our technicians can handle any installation. Our technicians can handle residential and commercial locations including; board rooms,…

Home Theater

You will be spoiled by luxurious plush seating, an unbelievable audio sound experience, and movie theater quality imaging all to enjoy at leisure in your home anytime you choose. This room will become an entertainment mecca for you and your family.

TV Installation

TV installation is the foundation to creating your unique home theater experience. Deciding where to install your television is the pivotal point to not only making the room more spacious but creating the décor of the entertainment space itself. It is more of an art form than just cables wires and mounts.