Home automation New York is an energy saving design solution to unifying and controlling your home appliances and devices.
Most people, when you mention saving energy today, think about the electric bill and the environment. Having all of your electronic systems connected together not only saves you on your electric bill, but conserves, your own energy for other things that you enjoy.

Using the proven systems of companies such as Crestron, RTI, Control 4, Savant and NuVo, we combine the electrically controlled devices in the entire home, such as, your music on all your computers and stereos, video, televisions, projectors, lights, motorized shades and screens, air-conditioning and heating systems, alarms and security surveillance. Pravda, Inc. combines all of these devices onto a simple, yet easy-to-operate interface. We design the automated systems with the current economic situation in mind. Ease your mind while easing your pocket. Control many aspects of your home by simply pushing a button.

In today’s busy lifestyle home automation New York is not a luxury, but a must!  Home automation gives you the convenience of a cell phone for all of your electronic needs. Just as we don’t remember what it was like to not use a cell phone or the internet, you will not know how you got along before having your systems made compatible with only one device.

We have created busy lives, where multi-tasking is a must to get everything done, and still listen to your friends when they call you ten times in between juggling everything else. Here are just a few ideas of how using a home automated system can make your life simpler and easier:

Security System and Lights

As you arrive home at night your lights automatically go on where you need them, while simultaneously turning the alarm system off. Similarly, when you leave the home, the alarm system goes on and the lights are turned off.

Illumination and Media

You decide to watch a movie in the daytime, your popcorn is ready but you forgot to close the shades. No problem! One push of a button and your shades are rolled down, the lights are turned off, and the movie begins to play.


While enjoying your movie, your doorbell rings. No need to get up, just check your console. You can view your friend at the door that arrived late for the movie and you can decide whether to buzz him in or tell him to buzz off, all without getting up. Just lift a finger.

The Techy’s Way to Go Green

Home automation is an important step for the environmentally conscious. Once you are automated, you can tell all of your friends that you went “green.” You will be conserving energy, as you can automatically turn off the lights in the rooms that are not being used. The sprinklers can be set to turn on at specific times of the day, without having to remember. Your shades can be set up to be lowered or raised to conserve heat or cooling as seasons change. The cooling/heating system can be automatically deactivated when no one is at home. These solutions may reduce your energy bill by 30% or more and will simultaneously reduce your “carbon footprint.” Pravda, Inc. will simplify your life as you will only need one remote to control everything. Imagine all of your devices being compatible having complete automation for your life.