When it comes to installation of projector screens and projectors Pravda Inc. is very experienced at everything that you need to satisfy even the most meticulous of customers. Whether you are located in a home or an office, our technicians can handle any installation. Our technicians can handle residential and commercial locations including; board rooms, hotel lobbies, and government offices, classrooms in colleges, universities, pre-school and middle school.

We offer a variety of service packages like, projector installation, and projection screen installation of varying types, i.e.; motorized in ceiling or wall installation. Service packages are perfect for the do-it-yourself person who wants to feel physically involved in part of the process and leave the complex work or construction work for the professionals. It’s up to you. You can install your own projector and leave the screen for us, or save yourself the frustration of doing any of it and protect yourself from design flaws or mistakes you could make that could cost you more time and more money than leaving it to our professional technicians.

Any installation where we need to do major construction such as cutting open the ceiling, will require a survey of the site. Just call when you are ready and we will have an appointment set up as soon as possible to get you started. The survey is a free service that we provide. Our technicians will come out, survey the site and explain the way that the installation is going to work best for your location. They will determine several possible installation scenarios and come up with the best solution.

Projector installation includes installing your projector from the box to your ceiling, wall or furniture, including connecting your devices like Blu-Ray disc player, DVD player and/or game console. The projector is also going to be adjusted for accurate color. Projection screen installation also depends on what you decide. If you want a non-motorized projection screen to be installed then you can have it put on the ceiling or the wall. Motorized projection screens are similar in terms of installation. Where it becomes complicated is with in-ceiling motorized projections screens. The survey as mentioned before is a must. Our technicians must be sure of the space before installing in the ceiling. They will want to make sure that your installation will be secure; therefore our technicians will reinforce the beams if it creates a stronger bond. Also, if you decide we can design a box to cover the projector screen. We connect RF, IR or 12v trigger remote control for motorized projection screens.

Post installation services include wall spackling if necessary so that you are not left with any holes from the installation process. You also do not have to worry about the packaging and debris from any construction as that will be removed for you at no extra cost. Both the projector and screen remotes will be left in your hands but not before we have educated you about how everything works and how to use both remotes.