We specialize in custom audio-visual system innovations with elegance and simplicity for your home.

You will be spoiled by luxurious plush seating, an unbelievable audio sound experience, and movie theater quality imaging all to enjoy at leisure in your home anytime you choose. This room will become an entertainment mecca for you and your family. Our home theater design team creates sturdy state-of the-art systems that will astound you and make you look like a pro to all of your family and friends. The complex audio and visual system will be simple in your hands, with one button to push to start the screen and another to begin watching. We give you the best we offer for whatever space you have and right within your price range.

Today’s home theater is anywhere you want it to be located in the home or business. It can even be concealed when not in use. What makes a room a home theater is a large screen and a high quality sound system. There are many ways to achieve this; for example with a projector and screen or a large flat screen TV. So, it doesn’t have to be a specific room in the home just designed for theater enjoyment. Home theater installation in NY is as unique as you are as a New Yorker.

Individual designs may include a sound bar concealed neatly below the screen or a full surround sound stereo system. The space you decide you want to use or the intensity of the sound you want will determine which sound system will work best for you. We can mount speakers on the ceiling, use premium top-of- the-line speakers or cabinet speakers wall-mounted or floor stand models.
We have a vast amount of display devices from which to choose. Once you tell us how you want your movies to look or sound we can help you put together an amazing system to fit your budget and space. There are large panel LED’s, LCD’s and Plasma displays to choose from as well as projector screens.

If you are using a dedicated space, your custom design choices are infinite. You can have red velvet curtains, theater sconces to light your walls, wood flooring or theater carpeting complete with pictures of popcorn and movie reels or even a Cineplex popcorn machine. The possibilities are endless with home theater installation New York. Pravda, Inc. is a part of a professional network of companies with years of professional design innovation and dedicated customer service. We feature THX certified calibration, sound proofing and customized seating construction. You dream it and we build it, or if you only have an idea of your concept, we can complete the picture for you and design the entertainment room of your dreams, we will. No project is too small or too big for Pravda Inc.

Your customized home theater installation wouldn’t be complete without a simplified control system. We carry many popular commercial brands of universal remote controls to make the greatest technologically challenged person look “tech-savvy” to all of their family and friends.