One of the most frustrating things today with televisions, VCR’s, DVD players and cable television is that they all have separate remote controls. One person in the home may be watching Netflix on an Apple TV, for instance. Then another person comes later to watch their favorite television program who may not know how to switch from the Apple TV device back to cable television. Apple TV incidentally has its own remote control. The remote control is cute, small and sexy and very appealing to the eye, (as is Apple’s focus with all of its products, no doubt, minus the small), yet easy to lose. While we all have the problem of losing the remote control, especially if sharing with others, it is a bigger problem when there are several to lose. Remote programming consists of taking all of these devices and consolidating them onto one remote control. Switching from one entertainment platform to another is now simplified.

Universal remote programming can also replace a lost remote control for whichever device you can’t find. As the remote control is universal, Pravda, Inc. can program the remote control to any brand of television or movie player. You will not need to have any basic or in-depth knowledge to get started. Our experienced technicians do all the complicated work and then show you how to use the remote control with ease.

Remote programming also includes being able to control your entire home automation system remotely. If you forget to lock your door, turn off your lights in the house or you need to check that your kids did, this is certainly possible. We can program a dedicated device from the several that we offer, or we have an App for your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet which you can use to remotely access all of your programmable electronics. This could include your security system, lighting, heating/cooling systems and even your blinds. Turn on your air conditioner in the room before you get there and shut off the air conditioner in the room you are leaving. Turn the lights and the shades on and off the same way. Save money and save energy all with the touch of a button. All of your devices can be unified, and centralized control would be simplified and convenient.

We specialize in remote programming for your home theater needs and full home automation needs together or separate. Pravda, Inc. has professional technicians versed in all types of products and solutions for remote programming. We have a wide range of products to choose from including Crestron, RTI, Control 4, and NuVo. We use several universal remote control devices from reputable and reliable companies that you can choose from to complete your home automation needs. These include; Harmony, Universal Remote Control, Pro Control Logitech and RCA.

Pravda, Inc. doesn’t only simplify homes we also do automation and programming for businesses, such as bars, salons, spas, waiting rooms, medical offices, and more. We are capable of designing the right program to suit your budget and your specific needs.